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Our Mission

We are tired of cloud solutions so we are letting you take back control of your data.
Taskfort is a hostable kanban solution for organizations that can't rely on 3rd parties.
We will never be a cloud-only company.

We also believe that once you purchase the license to our code, you should be able to modify it.
If you need the application tailored to your company's needs, you will have the power to change it.
Please read our full disclosure as to not abuse our trust (e.g. not posting the whole source-code online).

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**Licenses provide up to 1 year of support + free upgrades.**

  • 10 Users or less = $35 per user
  • 30 Users or less = $30 per user
  • 50 Users or less = $25 per user
  • 100 Users or less = $20 per user
  • 101+ Users - Please contact us for our Enterprise Discount

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